6 Do’s and Don’ts for Giving Flowers

Do you have a special someone in your life that deserves to be showered with flowers? Flowers are a perfect way to tell them how much they mean to you. They can also help make an occasion feel more special. There is one important thing to remember: don’t give the wrong flowers! This blog post will go over 6 do’s and don’ts for giving flowers, including information about what colors of flowers should and shouldn’t be given depending on the occasion.

What flowers and whom to give 

Do give a bouquet of flowers to your significant other on their birthday. If you’re not sure what colors are appropriate, the standard is pink roses. Red roses have more romantic connotations and may be better suited for a date night or Valentine’s Day event instead. Yellow daisies would also make a nice choice if they enjoy that type of flower. See white anemone bouquet.

 Don’t ask someone out in person with flowers unless it’s an extravagant amount (i.e., at least 50). This can come off as rude as though you think they won’t say yes if there isn’t an extravagance involved up front! The most common way people do this these days is through social media such as Facebook messenger/Snapchat. 

 Do give flowers to your family member or friend you haven’t seen in a while. Flowers are the ultimate symbol of love and appreciation, so it’s a perfect way to reconnect.

Do get fresh-cut stems from an actual flower shop rather than buying “fresh cut” bouquets from grocery stores like Walmart or Kroger. The flowers you find at your local flower shop will be fresher and more vibrant. Plus, they are custom-made to fit the occasion because all florists know what colors should or shouldn’t be given depending on the situation.

What flowers not to give 

Don’t send someone purple roses unless they specifically asked for them. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when giving flowers as it signals that you’re sorry for something or feeling guilty about something bad that happened between the two of you – which can be interpreted differently depending on if this relationship was good or not! Instead, stick with white/pink/red rose options.

Avoid buying from: 

Don’t buy bouquets from grocery stores unless it’s a last resort. If you must choose this option, make sure that you look for “pre-arranged” stems rather than just buying them in their pre-packaged containers – these typically come with small bunches of flowers instead of full bouquets and won’t give off as much fragrance! Also keep in mind that fresh cut usually means the flowers have been sitting around longer (which makes them less fragrant), so if possible, have them delivered rather than picked up in store.

Flowers for coworkers 

Do give flowers to the people at your workplace as a thank you. This can be seen more like an acquaintance versus somebody who is in your family or social circle, but it’s still nice! Flowers are perfect for this because they brighten the office and help make everyone feel happy while working together.

How big a bouquet 

Don’t get too carried away by giving out large bouquets of flowers on Valentine’s Day – nobody likes getting more than one gift per day (plus, it may seem overkill). Stick with small bunches that come with about five stems each instead.