Celebrating Differently: Holiday Differences in Countries

Holidays are a time of the year that people all over the world look forward to. They are an opportunity for families and friends to get together, eat good food, and enjoy each other’s company. Different countries have different traditions surrounding what they do on their holidays – but one thing is true: no matter where you go in the world, there will be something special about how they celebrate!

How is Christmas celebrated in different countries?

In England, Christmas can start anywhere between November 15th-December 24th depending upon whether one has the day off work. Christmas in England is celebrated on December 25th and can start with a church service or breakfast before opening presents.

In the United States, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. It’s a day where you wake up to presents under your tree from Santa Claus! You usually have breakfast with your family and then go back to bed until it is time for Santa. Throughout December there are parties at school or church that celebrate the season through different activities – like caroling or decorating gingerbread cookies together as a group. The most popular tradition in America during this holiday season, however, has to be putting lights on trees outside of homes and exchanging gifts amongst friends/family members (although some people will buy them for those who cannot afford them).

Christmas Eve has many traditions all over Europe- including Austria, France, Germany, Italy and more! In Austria, people celebrate by opening gifts on Christmas Eve and then attending a midnight mass. In France, it is tradition to eat oysters for dinner. German families like to visit the church or put up lights outside their houses. Italians often treat themselves with an espresso after breakfast before heading out in the afternoon!

In Japan’s Shinto religion, there are two major holidays: New Year (December 31st) and Coming of Age Day (January 15th). Interestingly enough, these days do not fall on December 25th; instead they both happen between late January and February.

Japanese celebrations differ depending upon what country you are visiting- but one thing remains true no matter where: the Japanese will be celebrating with a feast.

In India, Christmas is celebrated on 25th December and New Year’s Day falls on January 14th! In some parts of India, like in Delhi and Mumbai, people celebrate by going to church or mosque in the morning- then they go home for lunch before heading out again to see family members during the evening hours (that can include eating dinner together). It’s also common practice for Indians at this time of year to buy new clothes so that you are all set up for any gatherings later in the day/incoming parties!

In which countries is it customary to toss gifts into socks?

And what to put in christmas stockings?

Korea is a country in which it is customary to toss gifts into socks. They want better luck and prosperity during the new year. This is because Korea is a culture that believes things like success or happiness comes from hard work, which would be increased if one has good fortune at all times. The people believe whatever you give will come back to them – so this tradition helps spread wealth around and bring everyone joy!

It’s also common practice for the people of China to have socks hanging on their mantelpiece or in a window. These are usually given to children as gifts and contain candies inside. This is a way for the children to share in celebrations with their elders and to be reminded of the importance of sharing good things with others.

In Japan it’s tradition to give a small amount of money wrapped up in cloths or socks to family members- which then symbolizes prosperity and luck during the new year (in addition to being an offering for ancestors).

The French believe that these socks bring good luck and prosperity.