Product Vision Workshops Provide the Answer to Successful Product Development

What is a product vision?

A product vision is about seeing clearly from the beginning. It’s also about knowing where you’re going and how to get there. Product visions are about looking ahead – beyond today or even next week – to see where things ought to be headed. It’s not just about developing one aspect of an organization but rather the whole thing at once.

The purpose and process of the Product Vision Workshop.

A Product Vision Workshop provides a structured process for developing your product vision, which in turn can help guide your team through the entire project life cycle – helping you avoid costly mistakes early on and ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned with the final outcome. In this post we will explore what a Product Vision Workshop is, why it’s so important for successful product development, and how it works.

A typical workshop consists of four steps:

  • Brainstorming ideas on what success looks like;
  • Writing down these key points as your vision statement;
  • Selecting including only those statements that are most relevant to you project in your final draft – make sure not to include too many or too few items from each category (i.e., customer experience, business model);
  • and finally, prioritizing the order in which they should be executed by assigning them numerical values between one-ten according to their relevance/importance to your vision statement.

The product vision toolkit.

The product vision toolkit is a set of tools for establishing the vision and direction of your project. The toolkit includes:

  • A guiding framework to get you thinking about key questions upfront.
  • An understanding of the process for developing the Product Vision Workshop.
  • Framework to start mapping out your vision and getting clear on what success looks like.
  • Ideas for how to plan, organize, execute and measure your project’s success.
  • How to Create a Successful Product Vision.

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Number of product goals

Product goals are the basic objectives that you have for your product. You should identify them early on. The key to success is to fulfill these product goals in order of their importance, assign them a numerical value, and then prioritize them in order of importance.

The benefits of having a Product Vision Workshop.

A Product Vision Workshop is an invaluable opportunity to develop a clear set of goals for your team and product, which will in turn help you avoid costly mistakes early on. The workshop also helps stakeholders align their efforts with the final outcome, which ultimately creates a clear line of sight to what success looks like.