The Different Christmas Dishes Around the World

Christmas is a time for friends and family to come together, exchange presents, eat delicious food, and celebrate the Christmas season. No matter what you do this December 25th (or other days), there’s always going to be some kind of dish served at the table. What are some festive dishes that are popular around the world?

Around the world, people have different Christmas dishes that they serve. Here are some of them:

  • Prague kačka (Czech Republic) is a sweet bread roll with raisins and almonds on top. It’s traditional to eat it for breakfast during Advent time.
  • Hot cross buns (United Kingdom and Australia) are yeast dough buns spiced with cinnamon or nutmeg that represent Christ’s body going through death in order to live again among his followers. On Good Friday, these go by as hot cross cakes instead because there isn’t any icing due to fasting laws until Easter Sunday. They’re served plain or dipped in butter at tea time before dinner all throughout wintertime.
  • Kiffles (Scotland) are a soft biscuit also called “Christmas cakes” that can be dipped in tea.
  • Yule logs (Denmark) are traditionally Danish Christmas biscuits made of flour, butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla extract which resemble the shape of an old world log cabin fireplace. A yule log cake is similar but has cream sandwiched between layers instead of icing because it’s not as sweet as other European versions. It’s often eaten on December 24th to represent the time before Jesus was born when pastries were served at Saturnalia celebrations.
  • Sinterklass is a Dutch Christmas dish that is made of a crispy yeast dough base with minced almonds. When the dough rises, it’s shaped like a loaf and decorated with an icing that has been flavored with cinnamon and sugar.

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In addition to food, Christmas is a time for gift-giving. What are some popular gifts around the world?

What’s on your bucket list this December 25th (or other days)?

For many, it’ll be to spend quality time with friends and family that they don’t see often enough or even at all because of work commitments. Others will want to give someone close something special like jewelry while others may choose anything from clothes, cosmetics, books, movies, accessories etc. In countries where religion plays an important role in society such as Ecuadorian Traditional Christianity (Iglesia Católica Tradicional del Ecuador) or Orthodox Christian Church of Belarus (Pravoslávny Puk), people also celebrate Christmastide and the Nativity of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Eve is celebrated on December 24th in Ecuadorian Traditional Christianity (Iglesia Católica Tradicional del Ecuador) and Orthodox Christian Church of Belarus (Pravoslávny Puk). It’s a civil holiday for workers that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ while also marking how far into winter they are.